I have rented hundreds of apartments since I started working at Prado Group. I never realized just how rewarding this would be. I have met so many amazing people. Let's face it, it really is so important to have a place to call home. As I drive the streets of San Francisco everyday looking to help people find the next place that they will call home, I see so many people that are homeless. It's tough! Some days are harder than others.  I recently helped the founder of Sleepyhead beds find a place. I was so moved by his mission that I wanted to share his story with the hundreds of people I meet. Sometimes people need beds for their new pad. Imagine what it's like for all of those people who don't have a place to lay their head at night, no place to call home. If you buy a new bed from this company, they will donate a bed to someone in need. Sleepyhead Beds is a great company doing really great things. Check them out and give a dream to someone less fortunate by buying your next new bed from Sleepyhead Beds.