Which one would you choose? If you were looking to rent something for $8000 per month...


 Yes, San Franciscans rent homes for $8,000/month. Believe it. For example, here’s one in Nob Hill, a three-bedroom, two-bath penthouse apartment near Mason and Powell. It’s a pretty place and it shows off the views, the hardwood, the granite counters, and—perhaps most importantly—the positive pet policy. But is it really that much nicer or better located than similar San Francisco apartments renting for half the price? Maybe it’s a classic case of reach exceeding grasp, or maybe this landlord knows something we don’t. Note: This pad only rents for $8,000/month if renters pays 12 months up front. Month to month it’s another $250. Yow. (Read more) 

melody simpson

Melody Simpson is a San Francisco native who has lived in the bay area her entire life. Melody's passion for real estate has kept her tightly engaged in the Bay Area real estate market for over 16 years. Melody's love for San Francisco and Oakland's architecture and the vibrant culture of the Bay Area neighborhoods make her an invaluable asset to anyone looking for guidance and strategies around finding their next home. Melody has advocated for hundreds of homeowners during the housing crisis. Her altruistic approach makes her a true asset to her clients.