Underappreciated 'Hood: Ingleside, Old-School Living on the Edge of SF

The Ingleside mural. (Courtesy of Alexander Mullaney

The Ingleside mural. (Courtesy of Alexander Mullaney

By Carter Gibson Nov 15, 2017

 Ingleside presents a close-knit vibe, reminiscent of old-school San Francisco.

If you ever suggest going out in Ingleside, your friends may scream, "To the hinterlands!?" In a way, they're right. Ingleside is the southernmost part of San Francisco and bumps borders with Daly City—a distant, foreign land to most San Franciscans. But, before getting into what Ingleside has to offer, we should establish that its location shouldn't deter anyone from making it a destination. With its main strip, Ocean Avenue hosting the K line and Balboa BART at one end, and 19th Avenue, i280, and the 101 on the other, Ingleside is much more accessible than it's given credit for. In fact, it's just a 15min Lyft ride from the Castro or 16th and Mission.

As its reputation for being a "tougher" neighborhood fades from memory, Ingleside has increasingly become a wonderfully diverse last stop on your way south. Flanked with West Portal and the Whole Foods at CCSF / Balboa BART, the neighborhood's main draw to any visitor will undoubtedly be Ocean Avenue. Talk to nearly anyone on the street and there's a good chance they'll tell you a story about Ingleside from decades ago. Travel beyond Ocean Avenue and you'll find some of San Francisco's most stunning views from parks atop unexpected hills. With a diverse set of authentic eats and dive bars, Ingleside feels decidedly more "SF" than other neighborhoods which have become increasingly sterilized thanks to rampant gentrification.

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